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Flicker Says Hello!

Dumping this here for now, will refine when I have more time to write.

This was a post I shared with my mom group in Facebook about 2 weeks after giving birth.


Hello everyone, I would like to introduce the latest addition to our family, Marcella Isla. Born last October 5 via NSD. 10 years in the making. But worth all the wait! Prior to getting pregnant, I struggled with adenomyosis (per my OB in layman's term namamaga daw ang matris) for 2 years. Some days super painful siya to the point na almost mabablack out ako and I bled heavily each time nagkaka period. Since I was already turning 40 this year, me and my husband decided at peace na kami with one child and okay na to have my uterus taken out. So I asked my OB last January if I can have the surgery already. But she hesitated, requested for an ultrasound which still confirmed the adenomyosis. Nagsama pa ng 3 more myomas and ang PCOS ko naging bilateral pa this time. I took that as a sign. It's…
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The Waiting Game - Preparing for Labor, Things to Watch out For

Dear Flicker,

Today we are at 37 weeks and 5 days. We've been experiencing intermittent contractions but nothing that would signal an immediate trip to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 25th, Dra. Aguinaldo (our OB-Gyne) checked and confirmed we've started dilating. But was only at 1-2cm. Too far yet. And there's no way of telling if Baby K is going to be out within the day. Or next week. So I was sent home with a couple of instructions.

To summarize, I am to wait for contractions to be intense (the doctor reminded me of its intensity which was probably on the scale 6 and 10 being the most painful), about a minute long and 4 to 5 minutes apart. The night of Sep 25th I had that pain. But they were too far apart. The doctor also told me if I can still sleep comfortably for 2 hours straight, then it's not yet time to go.

The following day, the contractions became further apart. It kind of burst my excitement bubble and left me feeling low the entire day. (note to self: sta…

Photoshoot and A Shower To Boot

Dear Flicker,
Last weekend, you turned 35 weeks old inside my belly. You are growing bigger and bigger everyday. Like one inch bigger every week and seeing my belly swell like this makes us all the more so excited for arrival. 
A lot of our friends know how long we waited for you. They have been so generous in sharing their joy when they learned we are pregnant with you. Oh, you're still in my belly but a lot  of people love you already! They all can't wait to meet you!
Proof was how they stealthily planned a baby shower/maternity photoshoot surprise for us last weekend.  Daddy told me he was driving us to Nuvali for an outdoor shoot (I've been requesting for this for the longest time. And I thought, well at least he's giving in, just 2 weeks away from you reaching full term). But before heading to Nuvali, we had to make a few stops. Exactly 11am, we headed to the 2nd stop which was Evia Lifestyle Center. 
I normally am good at catching these types of surprises but gue…

Miracles Happen

Today we found out we are officially pregnant with you.

Well we already had it coming, we actually took a home pregnancy test last Saturday and saw two lines that confirms a baby's coming. But we needed to see if your heart has already started beating and guess what? At 6 weeks, you already were! What a strong fighter you were.

Just a month ago, I had to get my uterus checked. You know this place you call home right now. And it was not good news. It didn't show any good chances of ever providing good 'housing' for a baby. But as it turns out, Miracles Happen!

And here you are. Flickering right before my eyes. Strong. and fighting.

The doctor told me to stay in bed for the next 3 weeks to make sure you grow stronger.

We pray you do. And I'll do my best to really make sure you do.

We love you, flicker! Ate M is so excited to know you finally showed up in the ultrasound today!